Revolucionando la industria marina

Revolutionising the marine industry

TB Motor Yacht, as a trusted name in the yachting industry, is dedicated to providing comprehensive yacht engine solutions. Our promise is to ensure that every sea voyage is as smooth and safe as expected, redefining industry standards in terms of quality, endurance and efficiency.

Evolution and expansion by creating new brands

TB Motor Yacht is dedicated to the world of yachting with dedication and expertise, focusing on the repair and sale of engines for high-end yachts. This branch of Tecnobus applies its vast experience and technical expertise to ensure that every engine repaired or sold meets the highest standards of performance and durability. Not only are they concerned with solving current problems, but they also strive to anticipate and prevent future problems, giving their customers unparalleled peace of mind on their sea voyage. Their commitment to excellence is reflected in every engine that passes through their hands, and every sale is made with the promise of performance and safety.

Sailing towards perfection

In addition, TB Motor Yacht has an innovative test bench on its premises. This tool is fundamental to the process of verifying engine endurance and efficiency. This rigorous testing method allows engines, systems and components to be accurately tested and adjusted, ensuring reliable and efficient performance of the vessels.

Every engine that is tested undergoes a series of rigorous performance and safety checks. This careful and methodical practice ensures that every engine leaving the TB Motor Yacht facility is ready to meet the relentless challenge of offshore sailing.

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Efficiency and safety

TB Motor Yacht is more than just a provider of yacht engine sales and repair services. We pride ourselves on being an integral part of the boating community, partnering with yacht owners in their quest for perfect and safe boating. Our team of highly skilled professionals are able to diagnose and fix the most complex engine problems, no matter how intricate they may be.


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